Thursday, 26 June 2014

Item #16 : Memory

It has been two weeks baby. Since the last time we met and the first time we made history.

    And now,i just miss my baby so much. I really need to see you as soon as possible. I miss you i just want to see you thats all...


    I love you sayang

Friday, 13 June 2014

Item #15 : End of War, Start A New War

Im glad we both know our feelings. I guess so. I guess youve already known my feeling towards you earlier. And me,i just think i can guess about that accurately.

    So yeah. The tug of war has ended (perhaps. I can see a lil bit more but thats okay its normal).

    This kind of situation has ended and we both are missing each other. And yesterday (12th of June 2014),i just got good news (which is bad news too). The good news was i got offered to study Civil Engineering @ UiTM Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang. And the bad news is,i got 2 days before i sign up my name this Sunday. And the worst thing is,i dont have time to meet Ili (since she's coming home this weekend).

    This is so frustrating and i just cant think about anything more i just want to see her before i go. I just wish i applied to study Town Planning (under faculty of architecture) and i get the chance to spend time with her about 3 years. Tell me how cool it would be. Tapi takpalah,whats in the past is in the past. I get go back and fix all this. Redha je...but i still wanna meet her.

    I just wish i could spend more time with Ili. Because i feel very comfortable to be with her and i enjoyed my days where spent time hanging out with her. And i cant deny my exs cant beat her. I feel fun to be with Ili. Eventho sometimes i just want her to say that she loves me but yeah i not putting my hopes to high. Expectations maybe but not hope (sometimes yes).

    So yeah people,im going to UiTM Pulau Pinang and... APA KHABAQ OGHANG PENANGGGGGG WOHOO! At last sambung jugak belajar setelah lama berbanana kat rumah hm .


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Item #14 : Tug Of War

The Tug Of War game youre playing aint make give up.

    It makes me even stronger to face anything and makes me stronger to stay and keep trying to get closer to you.

    But sometimes The Tug of War youre playing making me feel asdfghjkl. I just wanna know your feelings towards me. Thats all...

    Im not gonna let you down. And im not gonna be like other guys you said before. Im not gonna make you regret knowing me. You wont regret. I am not asking for more. Just stop this Tug Of War game and treat me like im your boyfriend,not just an ordinary friend.

    I am not tired of you playing this situation but it actually made me sometimes feel like i am special and sometimes not.

    I understand how you feel. And i feel the same. I dont want to show any feelings toward you but i just cant i failed. I cant treat you like an ordinary friend anymore. I cant remember treating you that way.

    I know you have trust issue with guys. I know that but i dont want to care. I am not like other guys i know i am not.

    I dont even know what i really wanted to say actually. I just wanna feel your love. Enough said


Monday, 9 June 2014

Item #13 : A Cat

    I am more like a cat who curious about almost everything and i repeat,almost everything.

    I do care and i do want to know about your past. I want to know everything about you. Everything.

    Because I've started to afraid of losing you. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Item #12 : Aquaria Date Part II

    So yeah,and we walked in there and took photos. Like thousands of photo *POOF* hehehehe and we walk more,talk more,sampailah keluar dari Aquaria tu.

    Then we had lunch at Sushi King (so sad because theres no any photo us because i dont know why ili took and delete,took and delete *on repeat* ). So....yeah i had fun because dah lama gila mengidam bento and at last *with sad drama*

    After that kitorang jalan jalan and Jia shopped a lot (boleh tahan la) and i just bought Foster The People's new album and Ili bought nothing padahal duit bersepah sebab dia kata aku tak shopping betul betul so dia taknak shopping (if she really meant it,thats sweet and touched me but yeah at the same time,saddening). I promised myself to find more money and go shopping with her,i wish.

    Supposed to balik terus daripada KLCC tapi Jia kata nak singgah Midvalley sebab nak shopping a little bit more (without Dr. Sonya's voice) and i was like "sureeeeee why nottttttt (i dont wanna go home. Next stop sunway? Because i dont wanna stop seeing Ili) let's go then!!!"

    So we went to Midvalley pulak teman Jia shopping. Kat situ i bought the album actually. And yeah Ili didnt buy anything sampai balik. Nothing to buy she said. So nevermind Ili,save that money and shop with me next time huhuhuhu.

    About 7 above p.m. we went home. Its saddening,really,actually. But that was fine i just wish we could meet up again someday (we did hekhekhekhek). So yeah,nothing much about this story but i guess it was good enough i could see her for 10 hours,obviously hehehehe so yeah thats how the story ends.

    I got the best photo we took that day. Smile for us!

Item #11 : Aquaria Date Part I

    Whoops. So guess what imma write about something interestinggggg *cheers*

    Well,last twenty eight o five twenty fourteen,i went for an Aquaria date with Ili. Naayhhh it wasnt really a date because there were four of us including Jia and Ili's lil sister,Sarah.

    So,at first i wasnt gonna follow them because Ili told me to ajak anybody in case i'd be like "krik krik" or something. So yeah,i decided not to come. Then suddenly Ili said something lupa dah apa benda then something crossed over my mind said "kalau aku tak gerak jumpa dia esok,tah bila pula dapat jumpa Ili ni".

    Then,tak kisahlah whatever it is,I'd be "Krik krik" ke apa ke,i dont wanna care i just wanna see her. (Hey,me and Ili,theres nothing between us okay. Just a closed friend.......,not to me).

    So we went there by train. Masa sampai kat KTM tu cam...awkward sikit (Just a little bit *with Dr. Sonya's sound*) sebab mula mula tak jadi nak ikut kan. So yeah. Then Jia arrived a minute after me. Then we bought tickets.

    Suddenly we saw Harith the director of #ngajok episodes,which is the one we almost ajak tapi canceled i dont know why. So yeah. Harith that day keluar dengan junior katanya. Sebelum sambung belajar.

    Okay so it was a-very-fuckin-awkward-moment at first because Ili was like chatting with Jia je and i left out *suicide* but its okay im an undertanding person *flips hair*

    And we started chatting masa dah sampai KLCC. I remember how but yeah just skip la that part. So we went to Aquariaaaaa!!! *cheers*

    Bila dah masuk Aquaria tu i was waiting for Ili ajak selfie or something because i really really really wanted to take selfie with her so yeah skip.

    Okay then dah jalan jalan tu at first dorang cam selfie berdua dulu la kan biasalah bestfriends. Masa tu ive been left out once more *crying*

    Then kitorang masuk satu tempat like a tunnel where fishes swim above us *excited* then suddenly Ili ajak selfie *terharu,menangis dalam hati* so here it is. Our first selfie that day hahahaha

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Item #10 : Dust

    Its been long time since my last post which is in 2011. Well hello blogger,I'm 18 already and finally i can enter any movie i want in cinema :>

    Guess what,my SPM result wasnt satisfying enough. No need to know actually. Jauh beza dengan result PMR dulu. And i feel embarrased and regret for not study hard dulu.

    So I'm here bukan utk cerita pasal my result hahaha. Saja menulis sebab only God knows how bored i am right now. Everybody has gone to further their study. Some gone to Matriks. Some gone to Swasta Colleges. And some gone to UiTM. And one of them is Ili. Which is the closest friend of mine now. Friend? I feel more comfortable to consider her as my Future Wife. Dont ask me why. People fall in love and so do I. And whoever falls in love,knows how does it feels like.

    Okay back to my story. So I am here at home sitting in front of the tv and getting fat and more fat. While Ili is in UiTM having orientation there bleh bleh bleh~ i feel bored everyday and since Ili gone to UiTM,we were running out of topics to talk about and i feel not good and a little fear of losing her. Feelings is the worst thing ever. I mean,negative feelings yes

    I dont know what to say more. Later,bloggers.