Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Item #14 : Tug Of War

The Tug Of War game youre playing aint make give up.

    It makes me even stronger to face anything and makes me stronger to stay and keep trying to get closer to you.

    But sometimes The Tug of War youre playing making me feel asdfghjkl. I just wanna know your feelings towards me. Thats all...

    Im not gonna let you down. And im not gonna be like other guys you said before. Im not gonna make you regret knowing me. You wont regret. I am not asking for more. Just stop this Tug Of War game and treat me like im your boyfriend,not just an ordinary friend.

    I am not tired of you playing this situation but it actually made me sometimes feel like i am special and sometimes not.

    I understand how you feel. And i feel the same. I dont want to show any feelings toward you but i just cant i failed. I cant treat you like an ordinary friend anymore. I cant remember treating you that way.

    I know you have trust issue with guys. I know that but i dont want to care. I am not like other guys i know i am not.

    I dont even know what i really wanted to say actually. I just wanna feel your love. Enough said


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