Thursday, 5 June 2014

Item #12 : Aquaria Date Part II

    So yeah,and we walked in there and took photos. Like thousands of photo *POOF* hehehehe and we walk more,talk more,sampailah keluar dari Aquaria tu.

    Then we had lunch at Sushi King (so sad because theres no any photo us because i dont know why ili took and delete,took and delete *on repeat* ). So....yeah i had fun because dah lama gila mengidam bento and at last *with sad drama*

    After that kitorang jalan jalan and Jia shopped a lot (boleh tahan la) and i just bought Foster The People's new album and Ili bought nothing padahal duit bersepah sebab dia kata aku tak shopping betul betul so dia taknak shopping (if she really meant it,thats sweet and touched me but yeah at the same time,saddening). I promised myself to find more money and go shopping with her,i wish.

    Supposed to balik terus daripada KLCC tapi Jia kata nak singgah Midvalley sebab nak shopping a little bit more (without Dr. Sonya's voice) and i was like "sureeeeee why nottttttt (i dont wanna go home. Next stop sunway? Because i dont wanna stop seeing Ili) let's go then!!!"

    So we went to Midvalley pulak teman Jia shopping. Kat situ i bought the album actually. And yeah Ili didnt buy anything sampai balik. Nothing to buy she said. So nevermind Ili,save that money and shop with me next time huhuhuhu.

    About 7 above p.m. we went home. Its saddening,really,actually. But that was fine i just wish we could meet up again someday (we did hekhekhekhek). So yeah,nothing much about this story but i guess it was good enough i could see her for 10 hours,obviously hehehehe so yeah thats how the story ends.

    I got the best photo we took that day. Smile for us!

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