Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Item #10 : Dust

    Its been long time since my last post which is in 2011. Well hello blogger,I'm 18 already and finally i can enter any movie i want in cinema :>

    Guess what,my SPM result wasnt satisfying enough. No need to know actually. Jauh beza dengan result PMR dulu. And i feel embarrased and regret for not study hard dulu.

    So I'm here bukan utk cerita pasal my result hahaha. Saja menulis sebab only God knows how bored i am right now. Everybody has gone to further their study. Some gone to Matriks. Some gone to Swasta Colleges. And some gone to UiTM. And one of them is Ili. Which is the closest friend of mine now. Friend? I feel more comfortable to consider her as my Future Wife. Dont ask me why. People fall in love and so do I. And whoever falls in love,knows how does it feels like.

    Okay back to my story. So I am here at home sitting in front of the tv and getting fat and more fat. While Ili is in UiTM having orientation there bleh bleh bleh~ i feel bored everyday and since Ili gone to UiTM,we were running out of topics to talk about and i feel not good and a little fear of losing her. Feelings is the worst thing ever. I mean,negative feelings yes

    I dont know what to say more. Later,bloggers.

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