Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Item #4 : Lucky Hand

and hello readers :) we meet again ^^ and now i wanna share about my lucky hand that i learned when i was a little child and these are the revenue :

 ok this is just my imagination :D lol a woman with a pair of wings

hehehe,okay this is what people called graffiti and i made it by myself.i did it! wrote 'IZZIQEN'.its a mixed name of IZZY and IQEN :D

ok this is the first wrote 'BASKETBALL' pretty cool huh?

okayyy,this is the third painting.its a character from the new comic, 'UNDER 18 ELITE'.i copied from the cover of GEMPAK magazine but still,bukan tekap

this is a picture of me lie down on my mattress :3 i drew it very carefully and detail there.actually,there's a book on my lap but i made it invisible so that i can see the full image of my body and legs :3

 hah,this is me,actually.but i draw it spontan-ly XD abaikan

 if you see the girl above,actually i wanna draw a picture of Skylar Grey but that's what i got and the two boys there,ignore it :P

 no comment :3

ok "watch out,i'm a pirate!arrrreerrrr"

okay you have seen my not-the-coolest-drawing-in-the-world rite? haha so,do comment ;) have a nice day ^^

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