Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Item #9 : The One That I Admire

hey, how are you guys doin'? today i wanna share with you about my idol :3 and he is...

JOHNNY ROTTEN! mwehehehhe :3

his birth name is John Joseph Lydon and also known as Johnny Rotten :D he was born on 31st January 1956 in London,England,UK. he's quite cute huh? and also handsome for sure. HE IS WAYY AWESOME!!!!! :D just look at his hair. awesome huh? huh? hey im talking to you! lol. 

he's the vocalist of the band 'SEX PISTOLS' . he's also a musician and a singer-songwriter. he played saxophone,guitar,bass guitar, violin,stroh violin, synthesizer,and  keyboards :3 

so that's all actually the all out and about Johnny Rotten. i don't more about 'em heheheeeee :3

and here some more pictures of him :

Johnny Rotten_1977

Johnny Rotten_1986

Johnny Rotten_2008

Johnny Rotten_2010

Johnny Rotten_2011 

so that's him. he's getting older and older. and older. and older. lol
that's all from me today. keep visiting ;)

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