Monday, 26 December 2011

Item #8 : Family Gathering

hello and good evening. its almost 11 pm and i'm posting :D lol actually i don't know how to start but let's just get started :3

okayy i woke up early today. about 9 am something. then my mind told me that today is monday. i know monday is a boring day so i get in to my room and onlineeeeeeeeee.

suddently,ibu called dari bawah and told me to get prepaired cause ayah wanted to bring us to Grand Season Hotel,cause there's family gathering that organized by Uncle Nor :3 so i get my bath and bla bla bla..and it appears to me the first person was ready >,< so i switched on my computer and online againnnnnnnn :3

then about 11 am i came down to have a breakfast i was shocked to see there's nothing on the table except for ibu's cup =,=" so i opened the refrigerator and take a bottle of soya bean milk and some junk food for breakfast :3 can i skip this? it's kinda

so then ayah brought us to the Grand Season Hotel that located at Kuala Lumpur

so this is it, Grand Season Hotel :3

then when i get in, semua org mcm "heyyyy tahniahh tahniahhh" so i was like "wow im in heaven lol" hahahah then sampai je kat sorang ni,sedara aku paling rapat. mai kasi promote sikit FB dia Muhd Isyraf <----------- CLICK HERE. so sampai je kat dia,dia cakap "hoi budak 7a" then adik dia "bang jangan panggil 7a,nampak sangat. panggil dia 1b" LOLLLLLLL hahahahahahaha! then icap asked "ni rambut panjang ni hadiah 7a ke?" LOL kalau bercakap dgn dia mmg tak berhenti gelak punya. serious cakap XD then we both had a chat bla bla... then kitorang masuk ke tempat makan. we went there lambat sikit sbb nak tunggu cousins lain~

so we had makan makan like,you know,like family gathering~ bla blaaa and adik icap asyik jealous bila nampak aku sbb rambut aku panjang :P lol 

then petang tu we sent Iva back to her house at Melaka. and i have discussed with ayah what to buy for my result present :3 heheheheh and he will buy me the first choice! lol i'm so happy now. tomorrow ayah go to taiping and will get back home in Thursday :D Insya-Allah this weekend i will own the HTC Sensation XE :3 hehehehehehehe

so that's all for today and we'll see soon. goodnight!

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